Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Printing and Cutting and Laminating, OH MY!

Wow....I worked on so many projects today!  I love when I get a chance to get new things ready for my classroom!  I finally printed out some of my TPT products to hang in my classroom. 

I printed so much that I ran out of new ink, took a trip to Office Max, and continued working when I got back.  After using over 100 sheets of laminating, I decided that I needed a break! 

Here's what I accomplished today:

In an effort to make reading more exciting, I started a collection of Book Buddies!

Sub Tub - I don't have anything ready for inside yet.  For now, it's housing my new fabric to recover my pillows for my reading corner!

I finally made Whisper Phones!  I've been wanting to do this for a while now and I'm so excited to have them completed!  (Thanks to my great boyfriend for cutting all of the PVC pipe!)

New labels for baskets of supplies


  Chevron Mini Poster Sets

 Chevron Clip It! Behavior Chart - I still need to put it together.  My book rings are in my classroom..

Labels for my picture book bins and supplies

I stopped at Target and found these awesome nerd glasses!  These are going to be great for getting my kiddos excited about reading and finding new words!  I picked these up at Target in the Dollar Spot!

 I've been up after 2:00 am two nights in a row but I am finally getting some projects done!  

Stay tuned for A LOT more...!

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