Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gumball Words Flash Sale and CVC Words

I just completed the next set of Gumball Word activities.  I am not getting them up as quickly as I'd like to so I am running a sale until I can post a few more.  Individually, they are on sale at 25% off!

I have also bundled the Sticky Sounds and first two Gumball Words sets (Red and Orange).  If you pick them up now during my sale, you can save $9!  Grab it fast though because they are only on sale through Sunday night!

Or grab them each individually here:


I have also been working on CVC words with my kiddos.  I put this CVC Word Card packet together and posted it on TPT.  It includes 40 CVC words with pictures.

You can use the CVC word cards in small group instruction or during stations. Words can be made can using letter tiles or a dry erase marker.   I use tiles I picked up from Lakeshore Learning.

I also included pictures cards with word card for matching games or memory as well as recording worksheets with or without vowel help.

Word included:
CVC - A Set: cab, sad, bag, jam, fan, map, bat, wax
CVC - E Set: web, bed, leg, gem, pen, pep, jet, rex
CVC - I Set: bib, kid, wig, rim, fin, lip, kit, six
CVC - O Set: cob, pod, log, mom, son, mop, pot, fox
CVC - U Set: tub, mud, bug, gum, sun, cup, hut, tux