Sunday, August 31, 2014

Classroom Tour 2014-2015

I am super excited to show you all my room!  One of my very favorite things to do is come in and get my room ready for a new year.  This year was a little last minute because I almost had to move schools 5 days before school started!  I was very lucky and ended up getting to stay...yay!

Here are a few different views of my whole classroom.  I love the paper lanterns I used this year!

This is a view before my kiddos and parents visited for kindergarten orientation.  The folders contain important information that I will go over with my parents.  I found the idea for the glow sticks on Pinterest!  The caddies in the middle of the table will have different supplies as my students learn to use the properly.

This is my main area for small group and whole group teaching.  It contains all of my resources for my students to refer to.  I'm so happy with the look of the simple black and white polka dot decor!

Here's an up close look at what's on my front board.  

The voice level chart has made a word of difference over the last couple of years!  It really works!  

This year I have decided to go back to a physical calendar.  I have been using the SMARTboard for the last couple of years and I feel like my students are less engaged.  We'll see how it goes!

My specials signs are more for me to make sure I get my class to each special on time!

Using hand signals have saved a lot of time and I love it!

This first picture below is my new desk from IKEA!  Love it!  Behind that is my new set of rules.  My school is using the PBIS behavior matrix.  I adapted my rules to match!

The next picture will be my word wall and focus boards from reading, math and writing.  

The third picture is my writing board.  I have back to school words to help my kiddos spell while writing.  I will change those out to coordinate with what we are learning. 

The last picture is a pocket chart that will be used my my station rotations.

This is a view of my classroom library. I didn't have anything on the wall here, which was super boring, so I made a board my taping up poster board!

This is an up close view of a few components of my classroom library.  
I LOVE my new library labels!

 Our school received a grant to get some classroom iPads this year! Woo hoo!!  Of course that meant that I needed to come up with some technology rules!

I love using my behavior clip chart.  My students really seem to respond to it.

The plastic bins are where I store my materials for stations.


The rest are just some miscellaneous photos from my classroom... 

I'm loving how everything turned out this year!  I added a lot more black, painted some things, added my own bookshelves and really ran with the black and white polka dot theme!

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