Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sticky Sounds and Gumball Words!

I'm so excited about my new products that I have been working on!

I just posted the first two of 12 units on letter/sound and sight word mastery!  Each unit has 14 activities based around a gumball theme.

The first unit focuses on mastering letter identification and sounds.  It includes 145 pages of cards, games, and activities for students to work on at their own pace during word work, reading, and free choice times.  Once they master their letters, students earn their gumball machine.  I laminate these (so I can use them again because it's a lot of ink, card stock, laminating and cutting!).  These are placed on a bulletin board (pictures coming soon, i swear!). They then move onto their first set of sight words.

The sight word units each consist of 20 words.  Each list is a different color, the first being Red Words.  The Gumball Word units are almost 100 pages long with activities for students to work on at their own pace.  The word list goes home and students are encouraged to practice at home too.  Once students master a set of words, they earn the corresponding gumball color for their gumball machine as well as a certificate of mastery to take home with their next set of words.

I am looking forward to putting activities in my word work bins for my students to use during stations.  They can just choose the color for the list of words they are currently working on!  I'm hoping this will motivate my students to practice their sight words and earn their gumballs!

I've posted the first 2 units tonight and plan on having the next two up each week for your high flyers to work on!

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